2017 Submissions

2016 Submissions

Winter's Solace Classical Song
Destiny (Overture) Classical Song
Invitation to Noise (2016 RE:mix) Techno Song
Dearly Beloved (Ambient Mix) Ambient Song
Overtake Me (Instrumental Version) Heavy Metal Song
From Darkness to Light Drum N Bass Song
Confliction Ambient Song
Destiny Techno Song
Awakening Techno Song
Dreams (2016) Dance Song

2013 Submissions

Fatality Techno Song
Shadows Within [DEMO] General Rock Song
Static (Instrumental) General Rock Song
Synergy Techno Song
WIP Rock Song Grunge Loop
Nothingness - WIP Classical Loop
Total Chaos - Remix Techno Song
Amongst the Clouds Remix Techno Song
Desolate Sanctum Video Game Loop
ROI - Main Theme/Title Menu Video Game Loop
Treacherous Mount Video Game Loop
Shadows Within (Non-Vocal) Grunge Song
Maluxarian Fields (Theme) Video Game Loop
Sanctum of the Unknown Classical Song
Forgotten Memories (Reprise) Classical Song
Forgotten Memories (FINAL) Classical Song
Final Moments (EDIT) Classical Song
Welcome to The Noise Techno Song
Broken Heart's Respite (EDIT) Classical Song
Invitation to Noise (Intro) Techno Song
Tyler's Theme (Techno Remix) Techno Song
Tracy's Theme Classical Song
Tyler's Theme (EDIT) Classical Song
Amy's Theme Classical Song
Hypothermia Dance Song
Again [Instrumental] [DEMO] Classical Song
Eclispe of the Red Moon Trance Song
Total Chaos - DEMO Techno Song
Depths - DEMO Techno Song
Amongst the Clouds Techno Song
F.S.D. Track 11 (Bonus Track) Techno Song
F.S.D. Track 10 Techno Song
F.S.D. Track 09 Techno Song
F.S.D. Track 08 Techno Song
F.S.D. Track 07 Techno Song
F.S.D. Track 06 Trance Song
F.S.D. Track 05 Techno Song
F.S.D. Track 04 Techno Song
F.S.D. Track 03 Techno Song
F.S.D. Track 02 Techno Song
F.S.D. Track 01 Techno Song